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                      Coreless Motor Series
                      Small in volume, light in weight;high-efficient energy conversion; fast dynamic response; reliable and stable operating performance;????
                      Core Motor Series
                      Easy control, suitable for battery power supply;,reasonable structure, long service life,high quality, high ratio of performance versus price, ????
                      Brushless Motor Series
                      Good controllability, wide speed-ranges; high reliability, no spark and wear; small size, compact structure; long service life, high energy efficiency ratio;

                      Flat vibration motor series
                      Small volume, light weight;No communication interference, strong practicability;Strong vibration, large torque;????
                      Gear motor series
                      High torque, low speed;Compact structure, high efficiency;Strong adaptability, excellent performance, low energy consumption;Small ????
                      Micro generator series
                      Good controllability, wide range of voltage regulation;High reliability, long service life;Small volume, compact structure;Low noise, stable operation;????
                      Company introduction
                      必威官網app下載_必威足球. was founded in 1995.We are one of comprehensive Private & High-tech enterprises which specializing in R&D, design, production, test and sales of micro DC motor and also the one which obtaining the certification of ISO9001:2015 QMS and ISO 14001:2015 meted by SGS.
                      In 2015, the company restructured into joint-stock Co., Ltd., renamed the Guangdong super power motor Limited by Share Ltd, 2016 officially listed three new board, the stock name chaolimotor, the stock code 836773.
                      We have eleven series covering more than 2000 products such as coreless motor, brush core motor, brushless motor, flat vibration motor , gear Motor and micro generator ,etc. Our products has been widely applied on intelligent toys, cell phone, car-purpose, electronic equipment, household appliance, personal care equipment, automatic control equipment, medical apparatus, ...
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